The date of the final vote on the impeachment of Donald trump

the vote in the U.S. Senate on two articles of charges against the President of Donald trump in the framework of the impeachment is scheduled for 16:00 local time and environment, February 5 (midnight Thursday GMT)

a resolution to the leader of the Republican majority in the Senate Mitch McConnell members of the upper chamber of the legislature approved by a majority of votes, reports TASS. As expected, during this final part of the impeachment vote, the head of the us administration, Donald trump will be acquitted on both articles, as to his conviction and removal from office requires at least 62 votes, and this despite the fact that the Senate voted against calling additional witnesses at the hearing: the witnesses spoke of the 49 senators, against – 51, reports channel “Russia 24”

“the denial of access to witnesses, no documents, no witnesses in the course of impeachment is deceit, one of the worst tragedies who had to go through the Senate. America will remember this day with regret. This is the day when the Senate gave to speak to witnesses, did not allow the truth to be sounded, and drew all to shame… It wasn’t a real process, because it does not have documents and witnesses. This is a huge tragedy,” stressed Senator Charles Ellis Schumer.