The CVP is in the data collection fever: Who clicks on the website of the center party, and at the same time when Facebook is not logged in, provides involuntary data to the Social Media group.

The party has installed on their website a data spy, diligently reading along and all of Facebook delivers what behavior the personal surf so hergibt. The spy monitors and stores so each click movement. Result: Calling on you at some point, the Facebook page or to Instagram, the User receives personalized CVP-advertising.

data protection Lobsiger: “I expect the parties that you take as a role model”

Breaking: The CVP Switzerland failed to mention your data spy so far. A note on the sensitivity of the data flow was nowhere to be found.

the CVP has Revealed-the data octopus, the SRF-political magazine “Rundschau”. The magazine compared to the Federal data protection Commissioner Adrian Lobsiger (59) stresses that the parties may use such instruments. But not secretly! He stressed: “I expect the parties that you take as a role model.”

In the case of the CVP, there was initially nothing wrong. The party had stressed to the “Rundschau” several times, their home was in keeping with the requirements of the data protection officer in full. “We have always placed a high value on all data protection complies with legal requirements. Therefore, I see no Problem,” said party President Gerhard Pfister (56).

data octopus makes CVP but then abdominal pain

But whether or not the own secret data octopus got the CVP but then abdominal pain. Since the “Rundschau” has faced with your Research, emblazoned now on the party-Homepage, a note on the spy. “We adapt our data protection information continuously to the recommendations of the data protection Commissioner,” says party leader Pfister.

The CVP is not acquisitiveness alone with your data. “Attempting to operate a confidence trick and to lead the people behind the light,” said Adrian Lobsiger recently told SRF. Of the Federal Council parties FDP and SVP noted that “the use of external services agrees to” who is viewing your Website.

Who wants to escape the CVP-data octopus can’t stay with a simple Trick: Just at Facebook and Instagram constantly logged in!

More of the digital election campaign, the “Rundschau” tonight shows to 20.05 PM on SRF 1.