Christiansø do not open the tourist season at easter this year, as the tradition otherwise provides.

There is still no registered case of corona infection on the island northeast of Bornholm.

How would you like to keep it.

Christiansø therefore follows the rest of the country’s corona-restrictions on holding closed at easter, writes culture guide the island of

“We have not yet recorded case of corona virus on Christiansø, and we would like to be able to maintain as long as possible.”

so says the administrator of the island of Jens Peter Koefoed to the culture guide the island of Bornholm.

It used to mark the end of winter and the start of the tourist season for the island, when Christiansøfarten inserts the ferry ‘Ertholm’ up to the easter holidays.

But in may the islanders wait to get the guests to the island, since all the tourist and at guests ‘ disposal is temporarily closed down due to corona-the crisis.

Christiansøfærgen will also sail with a large number of reduced sailings over easter and up to 30 april.

the Ferry does only to land on Christiansø, so the long time it takes to get passengers and cargo in the country.

It is announced from the administration to the islanders, that all non-necessary travel to and from Christiansø frabedes.

They must, however, continue to like to visit the close family and friends, as long as it is conducted according to the general guidelines on to avoid large gatherings, keep the distance and not travel, if you have cold symptoms.