The damage to the Russian economy from the pandemic was estimated at 18 trillion rubles

the Total damage for the most affected by the pandemic coronavirus sectors of the Russian economy could reach 17.9 trillion rubles. Write about this “Izvestia”, citing a macroeconomic overview of the National rating Agency (NRA).

most from the crisis affected the services sector, the less likely it will affect food production, agriculture, fisheries and forestry. While potentially unclaimed in the labor market can be up to 15.5 million people.

However, analysts believe that the government will not allow such significant damage and will take additional measures to exit the economic crisis.

In the forecast, the NRA notes that GDP and real wages is expected to fall 3 percent, and the dollar will rise to 85-90 rubles. This optimistic scenario is maintaining the economic growth and pessimistic experts believe it is unlikely.

on April 15, Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed the details of the new anti-crisis plan to support the economy in the context of pandemic coronavirus. In particular, the President proposed to allocate an additional 200 billion rubles to balance the budget of the regions. To support aviation companies will allocate 23 billion rubles. Putin also announced that Russian businesses will get the money to pay salaries.