The Russian Embassy in the Czech Republic called on the authorities to provide protection to the member of a diplomatic mission, as in his address began to receive threats.

As reported, the charges against the employee of Embassy of Russia in preparation of attempt at the Prague municipal politicians of the Russian party are false and unsubstantiated, they were refuted both in Moscow and in Prague.

“the Embassy has asked the foreign Ministry of the Czech Republic to take all appropriate measures to prevent any encroachments on the person, freedom and dignity of the employee”, — added there.

In the Czech Republic talking about the expulsion of the Russian Ambassador

The Embassy noted that to the Russian diplomat because the deployed Czech media personal bullying began to receive threats

“the Embassy in this regard is also forced to go to the Czech side for the employees of the diplomatic mission of the police protection,” said the Embassy.

Earlier, the Czech foreign Ministry has offered Russia to discuss the difficulties in relations amid the demolition of the monument to Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev in Prague.

There also commented on the increased security at the Czech Embassy in Moscow.