The Czech government approved a secret document on the basis of which the Russian and Chinese companies can be debarred from participation in tender for construction of new NPP "Dukovany" in the South-East of the Republic. This statement is contained in the material published on Sunday, the Prague online publication Denik N.

According to him, the document was approved April 27. It provides that the completion of the station may not be admitted to the company representing, in the opinion of the Czech side, the strategic threat to national security. Close to the preparation of the tender, the source, reported to the edition about this document, presented version, according to which we are talking about Russia and China.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of industry and trade of the Czech Republic Karel Havlicek Borovsky, answering the question Denik N about this document, said only that the development of the national nuclear energy was considered by the government behind closed doors.

the Negotiation with the European Commission

Havlicek on April 27 informed the journalists that the Cabinet proceeds to a process of consultation with the European Commission of the project of construction of the fifth NPP unit "Dukovany". The negotiations entrusted to him.

The Czech Republic, as he stressed, is committed to develop its atomic energy. The government in June last year decided to begin implementation of the project construction of the fifth NPP unit "Dukovany". Its capacity will be 1,200 MW. The choice of the supplier is expected to take place until 2024.

The construction of a new unit should begin in 2029 and be completed in 2036. The tender for construction is estimated at 140-160 billion kronor (about $5,9-6,4 billion). This unit will replace one of four existing ones, which were built in 1985-1987. The remaining will operate until 2045-2047 years. The station now provides 20% of energy consumption in the Czech Republic.

The intention to participate in the tender in early 2018, said Russian state Corporation "Rosatom", the American Westinghouse, Chinese China General Nuclear Power and French EDF, South Korean KHNP, as well as joint French-Japanese company Mitsubishi Atmea. The main criteria in determining the winner, as emphasized in Prague, will be the construction cost, safety and technological capabilities of the proposed projects. In addition, the government will take into account the geopolitical interests of the Republic.

In the Czech Republic, in addition to the plant "Dukovany" operates nuclear power plants "locality", located in the South of the country. Both facilities were constructed with the active assistance of Russia. On the site with the reactors VVER-1000 and VVER-440/213 capacity of 1055 MW and 505 MW, respectively.