The Czech authorities take strict measures to protect the country from pandemic

the Stewardess Kate, sharing my surprise, suggested that, most likely, the airline has combined several trips into one – as it turned out, almost the last in this area. Until March 19 the chance to fly from Prague to Moscow and back is still there, but what then is God known. In the best case it will be possible to use the charters that you can arrange for the evacuation of Russians.

it Seems that the Czech authorities learned Italian lesson and do not want to repeat myself from the situation that prevailed in the North of the Peninsula. Now they are trying to be proactive, but to be honest, the opponent is still a step ahead.

on 12 March the government declared a state of emergency, banning any public meetings, restricting entry and exit from the Czech Republic, establishing border controls with Austria and Germany.

Photo: REUTERS/Thomas Peter Study: macaques are not susceptible to re-infection with coronavirus

the Very presence of the Czech Republic in the heart of Europe, at the crossroads of many transport routes makes it vulnerable to the spread of the deadly virus. The Republic now find themselves under siege and therefore all the measures taken do not seem excessive. But these measures – very, very hard.

All the diplomatic missions ceased to issue Schengen visas and long-term. Czech citizens and foreigners with a residence permit, it is forbidden to leave the country, and foreigners for the period of emergency shall have the right to enter the territory of the Czech Republic. Closed indefinitely to all primary schools, gymnasiums and universities. Stopped working cafes, restaurants and other public catering enterprises. Banned all cultural, sports and religious events, it is impossible to visit the gym, Spa, library, exhibition.

moreover, from Monday, all citizens and foreigners with permanent residence and a residence permit valid more than 90 days are not allowed free movement on the territory of the Czech Republic with the exception of work trips, visits to food shops and pharmacies. On the same day, March 16, sanitary services, announced a complete closure on the quarantine part of the Olomouc region, located approximately two hundred kilometers East of Prague. Reason: identifying three dozen infected with the coronavirus inhabitants.

By evening on Monday the government introduced a new measure: a ten-day nationwide quarantine. Now residents can leave their homes only to provide themselves and their families the most necessary.

…and during his temporary reign. Photo: Reuters

What threatens violators of this rule? Hypothetically – fine in terms of the Euro could reach 200 thousand. But interior Minister Jan hamáček yet hopeful awareness of citizens and threatens punitive measures. By the way, the citizens here are conscious that they have already tortured the police, your calls-complaints of “loitering Mrs. gentry”.

Now all wondering where this diabolical plague will strike next. It seems to be considered a prosperous West of the country, but there was recently an outbreak of disease.

Yes, the authorities do not seem to sit idly by. Tuesday a ban on the use of public transport without masks or bandages, covering mouth and nose. One of the military airfields in China flew a military transport plane which should deliver 100 thousand rapid tests for the detection of coronavirus.

Another seven will be sent to China to bring back 5 million million masks and respirators. The military also handed over to social services 80 thousand respirators, and 52 thousand promiset to highlight in the coming days. And still, I repeat, is an advantage from an unseen enemy.

Before they turned to the editor of these notes, I walked around in Prague.

Photo: Tatiana Andreeva/WG Where to get reliable information about the coronavirus

a Strange feeling is left of this two hour journey along the route of Vinohrady, Wenceslas square, the Old Place – Vinohrady. The capital itself, as always, perfect: already splashed green leaves on the trees and even some of them bloomed. The glare of the spring sun playing on the domes of palaces and temples. But I’ve never seen Prague so frighteningly empty. No tourists that this city nonsense, the picture is absolutely incredible. And the local citizens too little – everything is clearly anxious, move around, observing the distance.

he Looked into the liquor store next door, which holds a Ukrainian friend named Paul. To my surprise, he was on the spot, but explained that the last working day: there are no buyers. Vietnamese restaurant in the same building was also opened, but opened on: foods take-out only. All the other restaurants on my route didn’t work.

Went to the grocery store near the metro station: shelves are one-third empty.

For the experiment, as well as to meet their own needs went into everything pharmacy was interested in the masks and disinfectants. Alas, neither one nor the other. However, in the one place I shyly offered a tiny bottle of some liquid for the price of a bottle of Becherovka.

I Wonder how the people of Prague will perform the procedure to move in public transport only in disguise?

Mayor zdeněk Grib in response to this question recommended that tinkering respirators themselves, or use scarves.

Called the friend of the dentist. RAbot he runs regularly, but patients are haraam due to the lack of masks and respirators. The same situation, according to him, in many other hospitals.

after Returning home, had interesting conversation on the phone with a local journalist. She traveled to Italy, and when I came back to Prague, I felt all the symptoms: cough, shortness of breath, high temperature.

to no avail for two days called by phone “a hot line”. Then went to the emergency room, but there she was told that it is necessary most to go to the hospital, located in one of the residential areas, and take the test.

arriving at the facility (it seems that almost the only of the whole of Prague), she defended a four-hour turn, passed the test, and in return got a piece of paper with a phone number on which it should call to know the result. And, of course, to call this number again is impossible: he is busy all the time.

This I mean that maybe infected with the virus in the Czech Republic is much more than that indicated by official sources (on Tuesday morning they were 344).

doctors Themselves admit that because the epidemic is spreading rapidly, to identify the sources of infection in most cases is impossible.