The CVP has been struggling for decades with losses. In the recent SRF-election forecast, the Green going by now even to the center-party. A turning point should take the elections actually this output. And a humiliation for the proud Federal Council of the party. At 10.2 percent, the CVP is in accordance with the on Thursday published survey, 1.4 percentage points lower than their vote share four years ago. A value that is fuelling the speculation that the Green in the future, a seat in the government, yet.

outside the CVP is unimpressed. “It’s not more and not less is a survey–”, says party President Gerhard Pfister (56) in the VIEW. And in the Council of States, the Zug, would be his group, even after the election on Sunday of 20. October, the strongest force.

Luzio distributed in Chur diligently brochures

The party leadership is also aware of the fact that in the one and a half months until the election something must be done to the negative trend counter. “The CVP will use the coming weeks until the elections, in order to mobilise our electorate,” says their General Secretary, Gianna Luzio (39), which is running as a candidate yourself in the Canton of Graubünden for the national Council. “We are motivated and convinced that we are well-positioned.”

Luzio self-distributed yesterday in the old town of Chur, hard-working brochures, and shaken hands.

but Above all, the CVP will continue to push their campaign in the Internet and resources, you would not suspect that emphasizes consensus-oriented force. In such a Defensive frame of mind, the CVP on a kind of guerilla tactics. Gianna Luzio: “We will shed light on several websites, the positions of our political opponents is critical, and our positions face.” The Websites that are switched on in the next few days, do not appear under the Logo of the CVP. Instead, a politician of the competition, whose arguments are neatly disheveled is shown in each case. If you’re looking for on the Internet, after a well-known politician, could land on a home page of the CVP, this is not evident at first glance.

rescue of the health care system

Which of the opponents takes you virtually to the deficiency, the party currently has for themselves. In addition to the stealth pages the CVP has produced around 40 short videos with well-known Party exponents. The first is already circulating in the network and are now placed even more.

in Addition to the online campaign puts the center party on their own Initiative, with the help of which you want nothing less than save the health care system. The template for a brake on costs in the healthcare sector, is plowing a theme that is found in the worry barometer of the Swiss chronically far above. The signature collection is on a good way: “On 21. September is once again recognized as a national day of collection,” says Secretary General of Luzio. “After that, we will be able to announce that we have gathered the necessary 100’000 signatures for the Initiative for a brake on costs in health care, almost.”