Ursulina, Hermann (35) can only go short distances on foot. Due to an infection of the Central nervous system, your movements are severely affected. Your first wheelchair was awarded the mother of two with 14 years.

in Spite of disability, Hermann completed a commercial apprenticeship and is working today to 20 percent in an office. In order to make ends meet, she receives from the IV to a monthly pension of 1650 francs. For her two sons (5 and 2) she gets in addition, a surcharge of 670 Swiss francs – the so-called children’s pension.

Almost 100’000 children are affected

Hermann is not the Only one who prepare the planned cuts to sleepless nights. Overall, more than 92’000 children, their parents, AHV or IV to obtain funds to live in Switzerland. A reduction of children’s pensions would tear a hole in the household budgets of these families.

But now the Affected can hope again. The CVP shows heart for families: Gerhard Pfister (57) party wants to come back to the decision from March. Because after the Council of States in September, decidedly against a reduction had made, the Wind shifted in the ranks of the CVP.

CVP will reconsider

CVP-Council of States Konrad Graber (61) is now confident that his party colleagues, the children’s pensions probing: “In the Council of States we have shown that it’s not true that work for parents is worth it. Families with children pensions have clearly less money than traditional families.” A reduction in the child’s pension is definitely not displayed.

national councillor Christian Lohr (57), who had abstained in the vote in the national Council yet, sees it similarly: “The report of the Council of States shows that a reduction of children’s pensions are actually severe effects for the families concerned would have. We need to rethink our Position again.”

of The CVP national Council, has submitted for today’s debate in the social Commission have already submitted an application. He requested that the chamber connects the Stöckli and to a reduction of children’s pensions omitted. VIEW-research shows that The CVP is likely to make your Image as a family party, all the honor, make a right, two days before the elections.