In the U.S. city of Austin, Texas, an anonymous visitor left a generous tip in the restaurant, which opened after the abolition of the regime of self-isolation. About it reports local news portal CBS Austin.

on Friday, may 1, in Austin earned several institutions. In one of them, a meat restaurant, the Frog and the Bull, a customer left a tip in the amount of 1.3 thousand dollars (96,2 thousand), enriching the waiter $ 300 (22.2 thousand). “The rest of money he gave to the restaurant,” explained owner David Hernandez (David Hernandez).

Hernandez said that in addition to the large tip visitor asked me to take him double the fee for the order. On the receipt the customer wrote: “good Luck.”

Earlier it was reported that in the us city of Houston, Texas, a regular Italian restaurant Cavatore left a generous tip and was enriched by four waiters. She ordered take away and when you pay left a tip of one thousand dollars (74.1 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate) to support the school during a pandemic COVID-19.