In order to “protect against radiation”, the activists need to ask for protection from the Sun-yarily.

A group of several women in the center of Moscow distributes leaflets with information on the harmful impact of 5G network. One of the ads they handed the correspondent

The website sun-help.of the Russian Federation, referenced at the end of the appeal, was created with the support of Svetlana Lada-Russia (world soccer), the founder of several coreligious and political associations. The most famous of them – “Academy of development of Svetlana Peunova” and the party “Will” [is prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation], liquidated for extremist activity. 2016 Peunova is in the international wanted list.

Protests over the establishment of 5G network arise in many cities of Russia. Particularly tense situation in Dagestan. In early may, residents of North Ossetia, the village of Nogir even burned a cell phone tower, mistaking it for 5G equipment. As a result, the area around has been deprived of communication.

– The story about the harmfulness 5G appeared long before the fashion industry – at a time when America launched a trade war with China and we had the largest telecommunication company in the world Huawei leading 5G infrastructure. American diplomats put pressure on partners in Europe to abandon Huawei products. And to add arguments, there was a story about the harm 5G. I don’t like conspiracies, but here it was obvious enough, – explains the analyst of Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin. – What is happening in Russia is just echoes. People see what is happening somewhere, and they think that we should have done the same thing. Because, as a rule, towers on fire where education of the population is poor.