Nearly 100 years ago, the duo of a cast iron specialist and an enamelling artisan created a completely new concept for the time: enameled cast iron.

Since then, color has remained at the heart of the brand. Each generation has seen the birth of enamels in the hues of the moment – whether it’s the vibrant orange of its beginnings, the yellow of the 1960s or, more recently, greige and sage.

This year, Le Creuset is offering a hybrid, shimmering blue that is transparently superimposed on the green. This chameleon color, Agave blue, is the fifteenth in the current Le Creuset palette. The company made its mark with enameled cast iron kitchen accessories on which time has little influence.

From the first casserole born from the French artisanal foundry until now, Le Creuset has expanded its collection of many kitchen items appreciated for their durability and timeless aesthetics. The collection now extends from classics, available in several formats, to specialty items that include a range of cast iron, steel or stoneware utensils.