Children in the country’s shelters can look forward to getting a backpack with, among others, a greeting from crown princess.

The children, who are in the shelter together with their mother during the coronakrisen can expect to receive a backpack with, among others, a greeting from crown princess Mary.

It writes the Mary Foundation in a press release.

in addition to a greeting from crown princess includes the backpacks, among other things toilet things and a teddy bear.

Coronakrisen has led to a number of women, which caters to a shelter because of violence in their close relationships, has increased significantly.

It is expected that the number of inquiries will increase in the coming weeks, according to the press release.

– We know that stress and pressure can escalate violence in a relationship. And when the rest of society is shut down, many women and children forced to be in violence all the time.

– With the backpacks, we want to show children that being taken care of them, and that violence is never their fault and can never be justified, says crown princess Mary of denmark in the message.

There are in these days created 55 new nødpladser to the women, where there is also a place for children, sounds in the message.

Helle Østergaard, director at the Mary Foundation, explains that the purpose of the backpack in the beginning was to meet a practical need.

– nowadays, the backpack also as a support for the essential work the shelters are doing to process the abused children’s emotions, experiences and traumas, she says in the press release.

Since 2008, more than 25,000 children, according to Mary, the Fund received a backpack.

They are given in cooperation with Ole kirk’s Foundation and Landsorganisation of women’s refuge.

the backpacks also tend to contain a call to send a greeting or drawing back.