the woman on the side of the Raiffeisen boss Pierin Vincenz, who resigned in the fall of 2015. And it was from 2005, right boss, and by the spring of 2015 to end of 2017 in addition to the Compliance Head of the cooperative Bank. The speech by Nadja Ceregato-Vincenz.

A “Head of Legal & Compliance,” which is a relationship with your Bank-in-chief, by itself, is a difficult constellation. How problematic the relationship in the present case, but really, now: Pierin Vincenz, against the since February of 2018, a criminal case because of unfaithful management running, now his wife, Nadja Ceregato-Vincenz, to the attention of the investigating authorities.

Erich Wenzinger, communication officer for the Zurich office of the public Prosecutor, shall on request: “The public Prosecutor’s office III of the Canton of Zurich against a woman Ceregato a separate investigation concerning a violation of a trade secret.” As always, the presumption of innocence that applies in the current Phase of the proceedings, Stawa speaker Wenzinger emphasized.

Eight-month-long investigation

On the violation of a trade secret in accordance with the criminal code is a fine or imprisonment of up to three years.

The separate criminal investigation in connection with the Bank’s internal review of Era Vincenz. After the resignation of the long-term Raiffeisen-heads of the Finma made in 2016, the pressure on the successor to Patrik Gisel, Vincenz’ private participation-taking in the SME vehicle Investnet deepened. The then Raiffeisen-Executive Board mandated the Zurich business law firm Prager Dreifuss for an opinion.

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This investigation began in December 2016, lasted approximately eight months, at a cost of two million francs. While the Prager-Dreifuss attorneys prepared the report for Raiffeisen, was the wife of Pierin Vincenz as a legal and Compliance Manager.

handwritten notes

Administratively supported the lawyers from Prager Dreifuss, at the time, the staff of Raiffeisen-chief Patrik Gisel. On demand of the “Switzerland on the weekend,” said the Bank last spring: “Nadja Ceregato, as well as the employees of the sector were Legal & Compliance, either in the job definition, the issuance of the order in the execution of the order involved.”

Nevertheless, the Zurich public Prosecutor’s office is now open to the suspicion of a trade secret violation. According to research, the “trade newspaper”, to be appeared in the course of the investigation against Pierin Vincenz, namely, hand written notes, it suggests that the Ex-Raiffeisen-chief of content from the Bank’s internal Prager-Dreifuss well-known opinion. However, this advice was confidential – it formed the Basis for the subsequent Finma Enforcement against Vincenz.

Meanwhile, in Prague, represents three-leg, the Raiffeisen Bank as a private claimant in the criminal proceedings against her Ex-boss.

For all interested Parties, the presumption of innocence applies.

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