The crew of another US Navy ship out of order due to coronavirus

naval forces of the United States continue to incur losses due to the outbreak of COViD-19. According to the official statement of the command of the fleet, the infection is detected on Board the destroyer “Kidd” (USS Kidd), who participated in the “anti-drug operation” near the coast of Venezuela. The epidemiological situation in the American Navy, has provoked a wave of litigation in the Pentagon, where I can find those responsible for the outbreak of the virus on Board the USS “Theodore Roosevelt”.

the Epidemic continues to damage the combat readiness of the naval forces of the United States. After the outbreak of coronavirus infection from a zone of combat mission in the Persian Gulf was withdrawn the aircraft carrier “Theodore Roosevelt”, information about new infected began to deal with other ships of the American fleet.

However, the epidemiological situation in the Navy has not led to a curtailment of activity in the American Navy around the world. Large groups of U.S. Navy warships present in the Persian Gulf, off the coast of China and in the Caribbean sea, where the “anti-drug operation” against Venezuela.

One of the sent to the coast of South America ships – the missile destroyer “Kidd” has become the new epicentre of the outbreak on the American fleet. According to the command, of the 380 members of the crew, coronavirus infection has been confirmed in 18 people. Destroyer withdrawn from the zone of operations, and sent to the Navy base, where the team is quarantined, and the ship will undergo disinfection.

the Situation on Board the destroyer “Kidd” repeats the story of the aircraft carrier “Theodore Roosevelt”. He was also forced to abort the combat mission due to the outbreak of the virus on Board. As of April 25, the 800 members of the crew of the aircraft carrier was confirmed as a coronavirus, one person died in a military hospital on the island of GUAM.

the Navy continues the search for those responsible for the current situation. Naval Tribunal continues to blame the contamination of the crew of the aircraft carrier ex-captain Brett crozier. He publicly described the plight of the ship and command indifference to the fate of seafarers. After this was dismissed. In this case the captain also picked up an infection.

the command of the naval forces has already sent Minister of defense Mark Esper a letter asking to withdraw from crozier all charges and restore it in post. According to the American media, for the restoration of the crozier in the position favored by many officers of the U.S. Navy.

All coronavirus infection was detected in members of the crews of 26 ships of the American fleet. Most of them remain in the ports of registry. Media reported that the sailors often refuse to go on missions in the open sea, fearing the spread of infection on Board the ship, which may be too far ��t hospitals and bases of the fleet.