The creators of the game about a deadly pandemic will play for humanity

the Company Ndemic Creations – developer of the popular simulator Plague Inc. in which you have to deadly virus infect and destroy the entire population of Earth will allow players to switch sides. According to the authors of the hit, soon the game will be a special regime in which users, by contrast, will have to save the world from global outbreak of the disease.

Update is being prepared in partnership with the world health organization (who) as a sign of solidarity in the fight against coronavirus infection COVID-19. In it, players have to coordinate the work of the security services, establish the health system and send people to the quarantine.

a New version of Plague Inc. will be free for all until the epidemic starts to decline, promised the representatives of the British Studio. The release dates of the update will clarify later.

Together with the representatives of Ndemic Creations, said that on behalf of all the players will donate $250 thousand to help victims of the disease. This amount will be distributed between the Coalition for innovation in the field of preparedness for epidemics (CEPI) and the solidarity Fund and the response against COVID c-19 established by the who.

February 27, Plague Inc. disappeared from the App Store and Xiaomi in China. The game was considered inappropriate because of the presence of “illegal content”. Shortly before the simulator broke records for number of downloads.

Earlier, the Chinese authorities have repeatedly banned from games to adult content or affecting sensitive for Beijing political issues. Plague Inc. is the difference a scientific approach to the subject, and in reviews it was repeatedly noted that she has a high educational value. Defeating it can be when the player finally kills the pathogen of mankind. The game on different platforms downloaded 130 million times.

Text: To.Hi-tech