The crash of the su-27 over the Black sea: recorded signal of the beacon

Until now, the search for pilot of crashed in the Black sea of the su-27 failed, but was fixed signal of an emergency beacon, presumably with a rescue boat in the pilot.

the Search and rescue operation continued through the night on Thursday, it attracted passing four of the alleged site of the crash of the ship and two tugs of Rosmorrechflot, the Source said that the signal source is far enough away from the previously identified area of search on several tens of kilometers to the South, closer to Sevastopol, reports “Interfax”.

As reported, the evening before carrying out a planned flight of the fighter su-27 crashed in the Black sea. Search work has been greatly complicated because of the weather conditions. To search for the pilot was raised by the forces and means of search and rescue service of the southern military district: the plane An-26 and helicopter Mi-8. To the place of the alleged fall of the fighter sent small anti-submarine ship of the black sea fleet and civilian vessels.