The CPS: the Russians still do not get sick with coronavirus

two cases of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV Chinese citizens in Russia, the disease is in the easy clinical form. The condition of the infected is satisfactory. No complaints. They are in boxes in the infectious diseases hospitals. Contact with sick persons taken under medical supervision.

New cases of coronavirus in Russia, reports Interfax”. The CPS has organized a full range protivoepidemicheskih of measures aimed at combating the spread of infection. Exceeding the average annual incidence of community-acquired pneumonia no.

Russian employers recommendations: to extend the holiday for Chinese nationals until further notice. Postponed the opening of the Sochi economic form.

All coming from China, people with symptoms of SARS, as identified during the passage of the sanitary-quarantine control, and sought medical help within two weeks of arrival, necessarily hospitalized and isolated. They are checked for the entire list of possible pathogens of acute respiratory viral infections, including coronavirus. The study surveyed 379 patients. They have identified adenoviruses, rhinoviruses, RS viruses, metapneumovirus, bocavirus, Streptococcus, influenza a and influenza b, parainfluenza, mistifikaciya and 13 cases of seasonal coronavirus infection.

On the 3rd of February, China recorded 17 thousand 238 cases of confirmation of coronavirus causing pneumonia. During the day, the growth was infected was nearly 20 percent. However, about 13.5 percent of the disease is severe. 361 case ended with the death of the patient.

Coronavirus began to spread from Hubei province. There are a lot of sick and dead. Also the state Board of health of the PRC taken under the supervision of 152 thousand 700 people are also 189 thousand 583 contact person.

the Russians in Wuhan will fly the aircraft Il-76 EMERCOM and videoconferencing.