As in sanatoriums, hotels and guest houses recommended for single or family occupancy. In other words, if a person is travelling alone, him alone and settled. If with family, then people will live together.

When you check into the hotel, and at least once a day all guests will measure body temperature. The Agency recommends that to minimise the use of decorative pillows and bedspreads, and the cleaning with disinfection of all surfaces in the room should be carried out once a day. Shower and toilet should be in every room. Facilities on the floor are not allowed.

In the hotels also need to ensure that social distance 1.5-2 m and to minimize the congestion of people at the registration desks in markup. Welcome to contactless payment methods, accommodation and services.

In the common areas should be dosing with antiseptics for the hands, the guests should be given the opportunity to purchase personal protective equipment. The staff is obliged to wear masks and gloves.

the provided meals should be mostly made menu or by individual service. Buffet is not prohibited. Only when you approach needs to be applied to the signal markings that people comply with social distance. Between the tables should not be less than two meters. To put at the table need one person. If the family has a rest, they can sit at the same table. These rules also apply to health centers.

it is Also recommended to increase the supply of Breakfast.