the Distance between tables in cafes and restaurants after their opening should be 1.5 meters. For visitors must be available for hand sinks with soap and disinfectants.

to Serve the employees of the cafes and restaurants have masks – disposable or reusable. Special attention is paid to disinfection of premises and handling of utensils and equipment used for cooking.

All common areas should be treated with disinfectant every 2-4 hours. Every two hours a working room must be ventilated. Indoors should be applied to the device for air sterilization. It is recommended to use a modern dishwasher with disinfectant.

“the Observance of all precautions when visiting the cafes and restaurants will reduce the risk of infection with new coronavirus infection and maintain the health of employees and visitors. Experience shows that with strict adherence to all recommendations of the risk of infection is minimal,” – said in Rospotrebnadzor.

it noted that the activity of public catering enterprises is resumed on the basis of the decision of the heads of regions, as well as proposals and instructions of the chief state sanitary doctors of regions.