The court of Vienna allowed to extradite Russian ex-official of the Ministry of culture Mazo

the Higher regional court of Vienna rejected the complaint of protection eks-the official of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation Boris Mazo for his extradition from Austria to Russia. Thus, the request for extradition Mazo from Vienna entered into force.

His lawyer Vladislav Musiyaka told TASS that it will appeal this decision to the Supreme court of Austria, enough time for this. He also said that Bdsm is not arrested, he lives in his apartment.

In turn, the lawyer Michael Vallender told RIA Novosti that the defense can appeal to the European court, but first will take measures in Austria.

Maso involved in two high-profile criminal cases on large-scale embezzlement in the Ministry of culture. With him on these cases was Deputy Minister of culture Gregory Pirumov.

In the first case, the so-called restorers of the theft of 100 million rubles, Mazo escaped a long sentence and was released immediately after the verdict. When Mazo was accused of embezzlement of 450 million rubles, in Russia he was gone. The court issued a warrant for his arrest in absentia.

Another case against him investigated in Spain. There he is suspected of money laundering, in particular in the acquisition of property for 4 million euros that were obtained illegally. The Austrian court has not yet addressed the issue of extradition Mazo in Spain.