The court of Ulyanovsk arrested the student who hit the teacher with a knife

Glaucus SKR across the Ulyanovsk region reported that the eighth-grader attacked with a knife on a teacher at the school, sent under arrest for two months. This decision was made by Leninsky district court of Ulyanovsk on the petition of the investigation.

Earlier it was reported that the injured woman is in serious condition in the Department of surgery.

As found “MK”, 15-year-old who was arrested was a fan of the shooters from Columbine sadists and Kerch arrow Roslyakova. He had a conflict with a boy from a parallel class, and the teacher most likely was a random victim.

When 59-year-old teacher of algebra and geometry asked the teenager why he was absent from class, the guy pulled out a knife and stabbed a woman.

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