The court left the ex-Colonel Zakharchenko status,

the Author of the report – the Junior inspector of Department duty service insulator by Alexander Rozov on Tuesday questioned in court. According to him, opening the window into the chamber for issuing of things he heard the phrase that some “Kolya and Misha still remember me, they too have children, I that they will not forget.”

Former Colonel Zakharchenko charged with one count

“my duties do not include the assessment of these words. I don’t know to whom were spoken the words, maybe it was about our staff, so I reported it to management, prepare a written report,” – said pink, adding that the video recorder with him at that moment was not.

the convict Himself Zakharchenko said that he and Rose had a conflict. Supposedly this inspector systematically delayed the issuance of personal belongings, so Zakharchenko wrote in his complaint the prison administration.

“a Personal grudge could be the motive of slander,” – said Zakharchenko lawyers.

it is Noted that in the proceedings testified, and senior Commissioner for particularly important cases of the Federal penitentiary service of Ivan Fedotov. He took a report from pink. According to him, an examination established that “nick and Mike are employees of FSB,” which provided the operational support of the investigation proceedings against Zakharchenko.

According to the lawyers, due to the recognition Zakharchenko tend to escape he can not find a job in colony No. 5 in Zubovo-Polyansky district of Mordovia Republic, where he is serving the punishment, as every hour he has to check in with the administration.

“Other prisoners may move about the colony, I was also handcuffed, as in movies like Hannibal any”, – said the former Colonel.

“Claim to leave without satisfaction”, – announced on Tuesday the decision of judge Anton Kargaltsev.

it is Worth Recalling that the day before the Nikulinskiy Moscow court refused to reconsider the claim of the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation on recovery of property of Dmitry ZakharChenko in state revenue due to newly discovered circumstances.

Photo: Anton Denisov/ RIA Novosti SK announced the presentation of Dmitry Zakharchenko new allegations of bribery

On the claim we had requested Zakharchenko. The lawyers felt that the Presnensky court of Moscow did not establish the receipt Zakharchenko cash that is cause for reconsideration of the decision on collecting in the income of the state property of ex-Colonel and his family and also money within their Bank accounts. The court decided to satisfy the request by the defence to deny.

we will Remind, the former Deputy head of a Department of anti-corruption of the MIA of Russia Dmitry Zakharchenko was detained and arrested in September 2016. He was charged with obstruction of preliminary investigation and receiving two bribes in especially large size. Presnensky court of Moscow on 10 June 2019 sentenced him to 13 years in strict regime colony and a fine in the amount of 117,99 million rubles, depriving the rank of Colonel, state awards and the right to occupy senior positions in state agencies within two years. In October of last year the Moscow city court commuted his sentence by six months. The resonance case is caused after the detection in the apartment’s sister, the police travel bags with different currencies for total amount about 9 bln rubles.