Pavel Mamaev and Alexander Kokorin.

in September last year, scandalously become famous due to a series of fights in Central Moscow players, Pavel Mamaev and Alexander Kokorin left a penal colony in the Belgorod region, where he was serving his sentence. In may this year the court of cassation sent the case players on the revision — to change the sentence to the athletes, it was decided due to “significant violations of law” during the investigation.

Today it became known that the Moscow city court changed the sentence to 32-year-old Mamaev, and younger brother of Alexander Kokorin, Cyril, and their friend Alexander Protasowicki — they both also participated in the fighting. The court acquitted Mamayev under the article on hooliganism and reduced the punishment to the player for up to one year of correctional labor. For Mamayev and two other justified also recognized the right to rehabilitation.

Mamayev has the right to rehabilitation and compensation in accordance with the law. From that day the sentence came into force, and he got this right,

the lawyer explained Mamayev, Igor Bushmanov.

Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev

this sentence Kokorin at this meeting, was left unchanged. The Moscow city court upheld the conviction of the player and upheld his sentence in the form of 1,5 years of imprisonment (from the athlete released him in mind of his actual departure). Lawyers Kokorin and Mamaev namereny to appeal against the ruling of the Moscow city court.

the Court did not consider a number of circumstances, did not accept our position that the actions Kokorin could not be described as hooliganism. Probably we will have another half in this case — we will appeal against the current decision,

— said the lawyer Alexander Kokorin in an interview with TASS.

the Lawyer Pavel Mamayev also explained why going to appeal the verdict, now he and his client intend to seek punishment in the form of a fine.

Recall Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev were arrested after two major fights in the center of Moscow. Being in a state of alcoholic intoxication, the players looked into the capital’s cafes, where the beat officer of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Pack and CEO of the US Sergey Gaisin.

Later it turned out that the road to cafe mom and Kokorin has unleashed another fight, brutally beat the driver of the presenter of the First channel Olga Ushakova, who was waiting for her in the car near the entrance to the hotel “Beijing”.

Pavel Mamaev and Alexander Kokorin under arrest and was later sentenced to real terms: Kokorin gave one and a half years in a General regime colony, and Mamaev — year and five months. Four months after that, the athletes were released early.

Paul MAmaev

After his release, Mamaev has terminated the contract with “Krasnodar” and for the last six months in favour of FC “Rostov”. Kokorin first became a player of “Zenith”, and in February of this year moved to FC “Sochi” on loan. Yesterday it became known that the player has signed a contract with the Moscow “Spartak”. The press immediately began to discuss the future wages of a footballer: according to rumors, the injured will receive about three million euros per year.

On this occasion already to speak of the Soviet and Russian football player Alexander Mostovoi, who is considered one of the best players in the history of team Russia. 51-year-old Alexander called this salary “space” and stated that Kokorin does not deserve such huge money.

Cosmic numbers! It is obvious that in RPL (RPL Russian Premier League. — Approx. ed.), few stands of such amounts. 29-year-old Kokorin, of course, is not worth the salary you

— expressed his opinion the Pavement.

Rumor has it that Alexander Kokorin has signed with Spartak” under the scheme “3+1”. This means that the player will not only earn three million euros per year, but will receive 2.5 million euros lifting.

Alexander Kokorin