With a lot of luck, a ten-year-old girl in the Kiev suburb of Bucha survived what was left dead by Russian occupying forces, according to media reports.

A rifle grenade hidden in her piano “miraculously didn’t work,” reported Anton Gerashchenko, an advisor at the Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior, on Thursday evening. The Russian occupiers had hidden the grenade in the hammer mechanism of the piano in an apartment. When the family returned from Bucha after the Russians had withdrawn, the deadly explosive device was discovered. “Thanks to the mother’s attention, no one was harmed, the grenade was defused by specialists.”

Bucha, not far from Kyiv, was the scene of a series of atrocities attributed to Russian troops. Dozens of residents had been killed there, and many of the corpses still had their hands tied behind their backs.

Mines and hidden explosive devices are often used to secure the retreat of your own troops and to prevent the enemy from advancing quickly.

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