For the co-financing of the training and competition is in operation of sports facilities of national significance, representatives of languages from practically all the political groups. Also, the national Council approved the proposal of the Federal Council on the promotion of sports regulation.

of long-term operation needs to be secured

“We want corpses, not Infrastructure, such as abroad, for example, after the Olympic Games,” said Konrad Graber (CVP/LU) his consent. At the same time, the new rules would mean “no Carte blanche for the operator”. The carrier would have to comply with a clear performance mandate.

Without a future co-financing of the operation by the Federal government were overwhelmed on the duration of many of these sports facilities, however, been argued by other speakers in the Council of States. According to Motionär Engler, each operator of a national sports facility, called Nasak is, however, not apply for subsidies.

sports Minister Viola Amherd showed some sympathy for the concern. The Federal Council sports facilities for competitive and recreational sports are of great concern. In the past few years, the Federal government have spent around 140 million Swiss francs in over a hundred projects.

It will, provided that the long-term operation would be financially secured and at least one national sports Federation for the use of the facility is contractually assure. These conditions would also apply in the future.

The contribution to the operating costs of any Covenant, to be a task, said Amherd. She warned that clear-cut criteria, who would be supported in the future and who were not, to set up difficult.