The Council of States is reflected in the battle with the army on the side of the professional associations. Because the army had moved the summer-school for recruits to the front, could not finish their apprentices, their apprenticeship properly (LOOK told).

The small chamber agreed to a proposal by the Obwalden Chancellery CVP-States Erich Ettlin (56), wants to move the RS again to the rear. “The summer-RS should just start in the Moment the learner on the objective of the final apprenticeship examination and the apprenticeship straight,” said Ettlin in the debate.

Bad for the army

striving According to his information, the professional associations already, unsuccessfully, to find a solution. The current legal situation does not allow the companies to dismiss the students early from teaching, said Ettlin. These would also be entitled to the full period of training. In case of doubt, they would decide against the army and for the profession of teaching.

For Ettlin is the one to make all the more impact, as approximately 80 percent of prospective recruits a vet qualification. With the universities, the army had concluded a contract for the co-ordination of the end of the recruit schools. For Ettlin not, it is understandable that recruits with vocational education and training compared to other training directions are at a disadvantage.

“, abide by contracts”

The majority shared his concerns. The tests were completed at RS-the beginning in most of the cases, said the Schwyzer SVP-councillor Peter hair dryer (66), the forms themselves apprentices. The contract from the course of but a few weeks later. “And treaties are to be observed.” The farms would also have a great interest in the termination of the contract, because a pen was towards the end of the teaching on the productive.

defense Minister Viola Amherd (56) weibelte nevertheless, the early summer-RS. The harmonisation of military training with civilian training was important, she said. The to have considered the Federal Council in the preparation of the Training schedule. The beginning of the summer-RS had been moved up so only a week on week 26.

the army wants to Operate

come To the point, most of the learners completed the final apprenticeship examination, said Amherd. Who must take the exam yet, get a vacation, as well for graduation parties. For a part of the students and also the Graduates of the Start-up is still not optimal. Therefore, the service could be subject to also want to complete the RS in the Winter.

Amherd also warned that abverdienende squad for the study, to be released in a shift even earlier from the service. The army test but, as in the framework of the existing legal order to the trainers, contrary to come. This Work is in progress. In spite of this assurance, the Council of States Ettlins Motion adopted by 26 votes to 9 with 5 abstentions. The proposal goes to the national Council. (SDA/sf)