This was announced by the cantonal electoral office after the deadline. In the first ballot Thorens (Green) and Marra (SP) had distant French significantly. The Former received nearly 20’000 votes less than the second-placed social Democrat, Marra.

With the support of the SVP is the free intimate try on 10. November to save his seat in the small chamber. The SVP had decided on Monday that its candidate, Jacques Nicolet and Michaël Buffat withdraw. The red-and-green Ticket will be supported by the labour party (PdA/POP).


the National Council and Council of States elections to 2019

On the 20. In October the Federal Parliament elections in Switzerland. The total of 200 seats in the national Council are distributed according to the number of population in the cantons, and need to be re-elected. Also the 46 seats of the Council of States to be re-awarded.

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