Advertising is the first point of contact for a new tobacco product law was failed, The Parliament rejected the law in 2016. On the second attempt, the Federal Council saw the first restrictions on advertising. After criticism in the consultation process, he stressed, this but. In particular, the SVP and the FDP, as well as economic organizations spoke out against further restrictions.

According to the draft of the Federal Council, it should remain in terms of advertising restrictions in the present law. Today, a ban on the advertising of tobacco in Radio and television. Also, advertising for tobacco products, aimed specifically at young people is prohibited.

tobacco ads could be ban banned

The health Commission of the Council of States (SGK), proposes, unanimously, in addition to tobacco advertisements in Newspapers and magazines as well as advertising on the Internet. In addition, tobacco should be-sponsorship of events with an international character says.

Both also saw the 2016 failed law. However, Billboard advertising for tobacco products was planned in addition, as well as commercials in the cinema in Switzerland to ban the far. Both are banned in some cantons already today, but in others allows.

The SGK writes, you can do with your Changes the conditions for the ratification of the framework Convention of the world health organization (WHO) on tobacco control. Because of the lack of restrictions of advertising and sponsorship, Switzerland could not ratify the agreement so far.

A user-friendly child and youth protection and the fulfilment of the minimum requirements of the Convention were the primary objective, the Commission writes. With a view to the Convention, they will also prohibit the sales promotion by the free distribution of tobacco products. The tobacco industry wants you to commit to the disclosure of expenditure for advertising, promotion, and sponsorship.

No tobacco sponsorship Cassis had to go back crabs

to write to the SGK in the law, that in the case of the Confederation, the cantons and municipalities organised events and activities not sponsored by the tobacco industry should be carried out. This, she decided with a 10 to 3 vote.

recently, the foreign Minister, Ignazio Cassis has been criticized, because on the Swiss participation at the Expo 2020 in Dubai a cigarette manufacturer as a Sponsor was provided. The Department of foreign Affairs refrained from finally on, the funds of the tobacco multinationals.

In the overall vote, the Commission adopted the template with 11 votes to 0 with 2 abstentions. A minority of the Commission will, in turn, a ban on any advertising that can reach minors. This provision would meet the main concerns of the popular initiative “Yes to the protection of children and young people from tobacco advertising.”

The sale of tobacco products and electronic cigarettes to minors should be prohibited with the new law in Switzerland. The Commission without a request for it. Today is an age limit of 16 years, apply in some cantons. Three cantons have no age limit.

warnings and taxes on E-Cigs

the Federal Council’s proposed regulation of E-cigarettes and tobacco products such as Snus welcomes the Commission. All E-cigarettes whether nicotine-free or nicotine-containing are to be delivered to the tobacco product act.

The packaging must be labelled with warnings. E-cigarettes and tobacco products to the Heating, the steam is inhaled, are under Smoking the legal protection against passive: Where Smoking is prohibited, must not be steamed. The Commission agreed with 7 votes to 2, with 1 abstention.

according to the Council of States Commission, should E-cigarettes in the future be taxed. With a Motion of the SGK wants to instruct the Federal Council to create the legal basis for this. The government is ready to take the initiative to accept. (SDA/Neue musikzeitung)