Today is the Showdown in Bern: The Federal Council meets employers and unions to discuss with them about the framework agreement. The unions will relent, and all of a sudden say ‘ Yes ‘ to the Treaty, the threatened from their point of view, the Swiss wages, is not to accept.

the policy is quite sceptical about the agreement. Only GLP, BDP and FDP say ‘ Yes ‘ to the Treaty, with a view to the bilateral approach between the EU and Switzerland on a new legal Basis.

“rip-off-shock”-Less exercise, demolition

wanted All the other parties are not able to accept the contract. This is not to say, however, that you will say no, as the Schaffhausen Council of States member Thomas Minder (58) this Morning, had to know. He wanted to prohibit the Federal Council, to sign the agreement.

Because it is useless and Brussels’m not going to play to prevent his Power over Switzerland. “It’s not about legal disputes, but political,” says Minder. It don’t need a contract. In addition, the fronts have to be clear that the parties had made their views – “today, we can decide well”, the Schaffhausen.

“Poor April fool’s joke”

He was, however, Only with four Ständeräte joined Less – 34 would not prohibit the Federal Council, to sign the agreement. From the rip-off of fright Less so was a big scare. Like the Lucerne, councillor Damian Miller (34) said, it could be just a “bad April fool”, to decide, in the middle of the process a practice crash.

Also Cassis pleaded for More: The Federal Council had “no definitive opinion” to the agreement. “There are still open questions, which are too big, as we could write.” The Federal Council intends to clarify in the consultation, where any improvements could be. He promised that the Federal Council will set before the summer break, “where the journey goes”.

What if it fails?

also, an Interpellation of the Freiburg CVP-States Beat Vonlanthen (61) was Proposed in the Council of States. He had asked the Federal Council to the impact of a failure of the negotiations with the EU on the bilateral path. That said, there is no new market access agreements, and no update of existing agreements and high hurdles in other areas.

“The framework agreement is the only alternative,” was Vonlanthens conclusion. Cassis’ verdict was less absolute: At the end of the day it is a question of balance, he said.