The Council has proposed to collect genetic data of relatives of missing persons

the event discussed the problematic issues related to the performance of identification activities in the organization of search and identification of missing persons. In addition, we discussed how to establish inter-departmental activities to identify persons who are unable to disclose information about yourself.

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“it was considered expedient, in particular, to regulate the expansion of the list of persons subject to compulsory DNA registration. It is proposed to consider the inclusion of information about the close relatives of missing persons”, – said in the Security Council, adding that the Commission had also noted “the relevance of the questions concerning the circle of persons subject to compulsory fingerprinting”.

Touched on the issue and volunteers, without whose help in the last time I pass almost none of the search for the missing. “Highlighted the need to increase the level of cooperation in conducting search and rescue activities aimed at search for missing citizens, including volunteer organizations”, – stated in the message of the security Council.

special attention at the meeting of the Commission was given to the information support investigation and identification of law enforcement.

Informed “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” published an interview with Deputy chief of the Main criminal investigation Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia the Colonel of police Andrey Sharovym. A police officer spoke about the work of field investigators of criminal investigation Department on search of missing children and adolescents.