Today the figure is 1% higher than the price record on June 17, when the price of gasoline a-95 rose to 56.7 thousand rubles per ton. Previously, the maximum price of gasoline of this mark was set in 2018, when Russia experienced two petrol crisis, in spring and autumn, resulting from 2019 to fiscal system was introduced a damping mechanism.

Wholesale gasoline prices this brand is also increased. In the European part of Russia to 57.8 thousand rubles per ton. In Moscow the price of AI-95 increased to 59.5 thousand rubles per ton, and in St. Petersburg – up to 60.5 thousand rubles per ton.

According to the analyst of “Finam” Alexey Kalachev, the price increase is due to two factors. First, stock prices for gasoline grow, because of the lag of growth in production and supply before the pace of recovery of demand for automotive fuel after the removal of quarantine restrictions due to pandemic coronavirus. In addition, taking advantage of the drop in demand during the quarantine, many refineries have been spent on repairs, and not all to date, he finished.

the Second factor is that in a period of declining demand required volume of supply of automotive fuel to the stock exchange was reduced. As a result, now there emerged a shortage of fuel. With the return of mandatory quotas in the supply of automotive fuel to the exchange shortage will be eliminated.

From the point of view of Alexey Kalachev, retail gasoline prices is not threatened. Value growth is possible, but in the aisles of projected inflation. Besides, the prices at filling stations are under control of the government.

“Wholesale and stock prices are also reduced, but need time to restore production after the quarantine,” – said Kalachev.