The cost of energy consumption in houses under the program of renovation will be below 10%

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow Maxim Denisov

the Cost of energy consumption in buildings that are erected under the program of renovation will decrease by 10 percent in relation to the old five-storey houses. About it reports Agency “Moscow”.

“the houses built under the program of renovation, the cost of consumption in terms of 1 square meter is on average 10% lower than in the old five-story houses. Energy efficiency is one of the determining factors in the design and construction”, – said the head of the Department of urban planning policy of Moscow Sergey Levkin.

According to him, these data are the result of the analysis of energy consumption at about 2, thousands of apartments are old and more than 3 thousand apartments of the new type. The largest cost reduction was recorded in the case of three-room apartments, 17 percent.

lyovkin explained that this became possible due to the fact that new buildings apply modern methods of thermal insulation engineering networks, heating devices installed thermostatic expansion valves or even change the entire system. In addition, the Muscovites are increasingly using heat meters.

In October 2019 in Russia began to develop systems through which data from the electricity metering devices could be collected remotely. Thus, the energy supply company will reduce operating costs, and citizens can more easily pay for electricity.

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