the Cosmic forces of the United States can use not only for defensive but also for offensive action to protect national interests. This is stated in published on Monday of the doctrine of the Cosmic forces.

This 64-page text called Spacepower (“Cosmic power”) became the first founding document of the new branch of the armed forces of the United States, writes TASS. It noted that the offensive, which is important to achieve superiority in space may be conducted when warranted. They can be carried out not only on the means of anti-space defense, but also the full spectrum of defence capabilities of the enemy, including ground targets and targets in cyberspace.

the Commander of the Space forces, air force General John Raymond in an interview with Space News said that the document already approved by the Pentagon and sent to the leaders of the States – allies of the United States. According to him, the doctrine is a non-permanent document, which will change.

Recall that the Space forces of the United States was formally established in December 2019.