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a March in memory of Boris Nemtsov in Moscow was held on February 29 March in memory of Boris Nemtsov in Moscow was held on February 29
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the TV Channel “Russia 1” in his report about the action in memory of Boris Nemtsov in Moscow gave the answer of the activist to a journalist’s question “MBH media” to raise funds in support of political prisoners in response to the question about the number of participants. About it writes “MBH media”.

“is actually the metal detector was a little over eight thousand people, but supporters of opposition movements believed in a different way”, – said the employee of “Russia 1”, commenting on the action. Later in the story inserted cut from broadcast “MBH media” the words of the participant Michael Krieger, who says: “I think tonight we count I have on Facebook will see, I think 200 thousand had to be.”

In fact, the activist raised money for political prisoners and answered a reporter’s question “MBH media” about how many will be able to collect funds at the end of the promotion. In this state the channel uses a video “MBKH” media with cut logo.

March in memory of Boris Nemtsov in Moscow was held on 29 February. According to the “White counter”, the rally in Moscow took part more than 20 thousand people, the authorities estimated the number of participants is 8 thousand people. The rally was held without arrests. Without waiting for the journalists of the state TV channels objective coverage of events, the marchers Nemtsov shouted at them “Shame!”. Their fears are once again confirmed.

In several subjects of the Federal TV channels featured the same “sneak peek”, which allegedly is seen as someone on the bus give “protest” poster against the amendments in the constitutionalUW. Male voice-over says, go to this column and return after the March on the bus, going back to Kaluga.

the shooting, however, nothing but the interior of the bus, men’s feet and one poster, not actually seen. But on the First channel and “Russia 24” frames felt strong enough to declare that the March people were brought by buses.

Participants Federal media have decided to blame and that they “threatened the police.” As evidence used a video in which people go and hear the phrase over: “Today a drink, tomorrow or the bullet”. From what context the phrase is ripped out, who says it and to whom – is unclear. But we know that something similar was said in December, President Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the Council for human rights. “He threw a plastic Cup – nothing, then a plastic bottle – again nothing, then throw a glass bottle, and then the stone, and then start to shoot and to smash shops. We should not allow this. All have the right to Express their point of view and to Express their position in all possible and affordable, but legitimate. That was the case,” – said in a didactic tone, the head of state, commenting on the “Moscow business”.

in addition, on the Federal channels was that the marchers Nemtsov defended “suspected of murder and drug trafficking,” alluding to the rumours, the common “jellyfish” for some defendants in the case “Network”*. About the criminal case that caused a wide public resonance, the TV was silent.

*”network” – a group recognized as terrorist by the decision of the Moscow district military court on 17 January 2019 banned in Russia.