The coronavirus was first impressed by the Russian woman: woman hospitalized with a liner to the hospital

On the cruise liner Diamond Princess, standing at anchor near the Japanese of Yokohama, was first diagnosed with coronavirus at the Russians. The woman was hospitalized in the hospital of Japan. Russian Embassy maintains contact with her, and is in contact with another 23 Russian citizens who remain on Board the ship.

over the past day the number of infected Chinese coronavirus COVID-19 Diamond Princess has grown to 170 people. For all these people, as well as those who from the beginning of the quarantine was next to them, involuntary imprisonment in Japan has been delayed for an indefinite period. Today they added the first citizens of Russia.

the Russian, who was among 99 newly identified infected on a cruise ship Diamonds Princess, remains on Board. He is now preparing for her hospitalization. For ethical reasons the identity of this woman, the Russian Embassy did not disclose.

it is Known that she in 1952. The woman went to this cruise together with her husband. Because all this time he was in the same cabin with an infected wife, he remains quarantined on the ship. For him, the Japanese authorities extended the quarantine for another two weeks.

the Rest of the citizens of Russia, is 22 people, preparing to go ashore on 19 February, of course, if none of them will get sick.

“our compatriots, the news of infected Russians was a complete surprise”, — said the press attache of the Russian Embassy in Japan Tatyana Kochkina.

“no, of Course not, says the passenger of the ship Sergey Popov. — I don’t even know what she look like. We are not in contact, you know. We are the 14th deck, we are in contact. And for the 13th deck here. 11-I, 12-I, 10-I — every man for himself. On the walk are when combined, a special schedule when we’re walking”.

In total, the liner 454 is already infected, moreover, the Japanese authorities have not yet completed the review of all on Board.

Nightd 17 Feb liner prematurely left about 300 tourists from the United States. The U.S. government sent for them in Tokyo two Charter aircraft. Already on Board the virus was detected in 14 patients, they were transferred to insulated storage compartment.

the Aircraft arrived in the United States. Cases sent for treatment, the remaining evacuees will undergo an additional 14-day quarantine on two military bases in California and Texas.

Similar measures are prepared to accept a few more countries and territories, including Australia, Canada, Israel, Hong Kong.

Centralized removal of Russian citizens at the moment is not planned. The Embassy will issue to each a certificate stating that they have passed the quarantine, and the virus they have detected. Home in Russia, they are going to get back on regular flights. But when and in what part, said is impossible. The part of the Russians tests for the virus only passed on the morning of 17 February. Finally, the results promise to inform not earlier than February 19.