Scientists from China will continue laboratory testing of coronavirus in order to avoid a repetition of the situation with a new infectious disease. On Monday, may 25, in an interview told CGTN Virology Wuhan Institute of Virology Shi Jinli.

In her opinion, it is important to prevent re-flash COVID-19, so you should keep looking not previously described by science pathogens.

“in addition, we need to have some medicines and developing reagents for prevention,” she said, explaining that the essence of their activities is to work in advance.

Junli also said that the viruses often become wild animals. In the world there are a large number of different bats are a possible vector of pathogens.

“the Viruses that we found, it’s actually just the tip of the iceberg. These viruses exist in nature, you considered this or not,” she said.

“in Addition to laboratory work to collect samples and develop models for early warning in the wild, also requires scientists from different fields”, — said Janli, adding that it is important for scientists to communicate with each other, and governments of different countries to help them to work together.

“Our original objective of international cooperation is to serve the health of all people in the world, because we know that emerging infectious diseases know no borders,” she concluded.

It is noted that since the discovery and description of coronavirus, the Internet has been there different versions that it could be artificially created in a lab of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. In January, the Institute issued a denial of this information and called these assumptions about.

As of 25 may, the total number of people infected with coronavirus in the world amounted to 5.4 million. The increase in the number of infected for the last day amounted to 96.6 thousand. For the entire period of the pandemic died 345 060 patients, 2.17 million recovered.