The coronavirus vaccine is already being tested

In the fight against coronavirus China improbably rallied, showing the world an example of heroic behavior.

Avoid physical contact — the recommendation of epidemiologists. XI Jinping inspects the largest in Beijing’s Chaoyang district, the largest number of cases since the epidemic began. At the entrance to the residential complex is required to check the temperature. It is here that the primary prevention front. Especially now, when millions of Beijingers are returning after extended new year holidays. The next item of the working visit — the hospital is “temple of earth”, which confirmed its first case of infection in Beijing. Hence XI Jinping get in touch with doctors of Wuhan, the leading edge of the fight against coronavirus.

“on behalf of the Central Committee of the CPC Express to you and all the other health workers fighting the epidemic, my deepest respect and sincere gratitude,” — said the Chairman of the PRC.

People in hazmat suits encouraging shout. One of three hospitals connected with the Chinese President. Since the epidemic began, it took more than 16 thousand patients, at the peak flow exceeds 800 people per day. From the second through 15th floors in the clinic “Harmony” — a zone of strict quarantine.

“We even phones not take with them. I specifically bought a new smartphone for use in the quarantine zone. And don’t dare to pick it up from there until the epidemic ends. Then hang on the wall as a souvenir,” said Jin Yang, Vice-President of the clinic “Harmony”.

Before entering the quarantine zone, with doctors and nurses wear two layers of protective clothing, masks and goggles. Change doctors — six hours, all the time — like space — not to eat, drink and even go to the toilet.

At the local airport continuously meet the column of Madrigal from other regions. Here the doctors of the ancient capital of China Nanjing. But their colleagues from the southern Fujian province.

the 84-year-old Zhong Nanshan, a leading epidemiologist, respiratory therapist China. In 2003, he developed the first standard of treatment for SARS. Most importantly — as early as possible to identify carriers of the virus. The leading role here — the housing authority staff and administrators. They’ve been around almost 99% of all apartments in Wuhan.

Mass crawls showed that the isolate required more than 20 thousand people with mild symptoms. They have already deployed 14 mobile hospitals and quarantine centers in hotels, sports and cultural complexes, and work is continuing.

not to leave without supervision any of the sick, changed the method of accounting, which is a quarter increased the number of patients. Previously hospitalized only on the test results, it is now sufficient for the doctors.

At the Shanghai Tongji University together with one pharmaceutical company has already tested on animals vaccine from 2019-nCoV.

Chinese Center for prevention and disease control. Hence the coordinate of all epidemiological work in the country. Here was launched the parallel tests of the Shanghai vaccine. According to forecasts, in clinical trials it will be released in April.

Text: “News of the week”