Leading the list of States where detected coronavirus, Sience States: estimates of the modeling group at Imperial College London, two-thirds of the cases “exported” from China, not yet diagnosed.

who avoids talking about pandemic coronavirus as an accomplished fact, while calling what is happening “epidemics in different parts of the world.” But many scientists believe that regardless of the name, to keep COVID-19 is no longer possible.

Christopher Let, an epidemiologist from Oxford, says: “I am very pessimistic”. In his opinion, need to change the actions of sanitary and medical services.

Until now, the efforts were focused to reduce the spread of the coronavirus in China, to prevent its penetration into other countries to closely monitor those who came in contact with native speakers and to put these people in quarantine for two weeks. But now the restrictions on international travel have become ineffective.

Previous efforts — for example, restrictions of flights from China, Iran, South Korea, Italy of course, were acquitted. This allowed us to gain time to prepare emergency plans, the search for a vaccine, further instruct doctors and citizens. “If I had a choice to get COVID-19 now or in six months, better six months,” – says in this regard, an epidemiologist from the Harvard mark Lipsitz.

But as a list of coronavirus-affected countries will continue to grow, it makes no sense to spend huge resources to external control, when the inside has thousands of “their” infected.

Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen measures on the ground in all countries to prepare for influxes of patients may preemptively impose the same draconian quarantine on entire cities, as in Chinese cities.

Luciana of Brio, venture investor, former expert on the biological protection of the national security Council of the United States, urges focus on mitigating COVID-19, that is, the treatment of hard sabolish — until then, until there is sufficient reliable vaccine.

Hospitals, experts believe that an urgent need to expand the number of beds and to bring more equipment for the treatment of pneumonia.

Alessandro Gasparini, a specialist in modelling infectious diseases from northeastern University in Boston, calls the main objective is to support health institutions that may be overloaded with patients, and combat the panic among the population.

Christopher Let his colleagues analyzed the “rating” of effectiveness of measures taken in China. The first lines took the ban to public transportation, mass gatherings, closure of entertainment venues.

About the benefits of closing schools, scientists, like, say, arguing — not yet enough data on how children cope with organisms COVID-19, Chinese statistics much confidence. But mark Lipsitz from Harvard finds that, if some state “will choose personal freedom” and abandon the complex of these restrictions would be very wrong.

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the who Representative and Aylward, who worked two weeks on the epidemic in China as part of the international Commission, said: if not for super Chinese in Hubei, the country would have been in the hundreds of thousands of cases more.

“That would now do the rest of the world says Aylward, – measures should be taken urgently. Maine — it’s speed. And know my biggest concern? How it understands the rest of the world”.

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