The coronavirus identified among members of the U.S. Congress

Us Republican Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart became the first member of the legislature who had identified the new coronavirus.

the First symptoms of the policy, including fever and headache, appeared on Saturday. Later, he was diagnosed, according to RIA Novosti.

Coronavirus have fallen sick and the President of the Brazilian Senate Push Alkalomra. He has no serious symptoms, but he feels a slight discomfort. Coronavirus he revealed after the second test.

Meanwhile, the first three cases of infection registered in Mauritius; one death from the disease recorded in Costa Rica. And in Turkey marked the second death; the man died at the age of 61 years.

In Italy the day from the coronavirus died almost 500 patients; in total there are 29 thousand cases.

In France the day he died 89. The number of deaths from the coronavirus in two times exceeded the number of those who died from the flu.

In Germany the number of patients has increased by a third; the Chancellor stated that the biggest challenge for Europe since the Second world war.

And in Serbia for the first time in 76 years had in force a curfew. For its violation — up to three years in prison, and if someone will violate a quarantine, jailed for 12 years.

the world health organization announced that vaccine is already tested.

currently, the number of victims in the world exceeded 8.7 thousand people, the number of infected — 206 thousand, recovered more than 82 thousand people.