The coronavirus has infected the wife of the Prime Minister of Canada

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau went to the quarantine due to the coronavirus. The Trudeau no symptoms, however, the head of the canadian government decided to work at home because of the occurrence of suspected disease in his wife.

the Wife of Trudeau on the eve returned from performances in the UK. In Canada, already confirmed around 100 cases of infection with coronavirus.

Also, the virus has infected the employee of mission of the Philippines to the UN, the head of the British telecommunications company BT Philip Jensen, the leader of the extreme-right party in Spain, the “VOX” Santiago Abascal. Got disease the head coach of the London football club “Arsenal” Mikel Arteta. Under the supervision and is the President of Brazil, as the disease is identified the member of his administration, reports TASS.

Much worse in the US, where the number of cases is approaching 1,000 people. His work for the spread of the virus suspends Disneyland — rides will be closed ykak at least until the end of March.

Not waiting for visitors in the stands and along the track in Melbourne, Australia where today was to start a world championship stage “Formulas-1”. The international automobile Federation announced its cancellation.

the Total number of cases in the world at the moment has exceeded 125 thousand people, in addition to China, the virus is particularly rampant in Italy, where he contracted the coronavirus more than 12 thousand people. Followed by Iran and South Korea, reports channel “Russia 24”.

Russia has completely banned the entry into its territory of Italy for citizens of any country. The exception is only for residents of the Eurasian economic Union. Suspended the issuance of visas.

the Government in the resolution emphasizes that the measures are temporary, they are caused by special circumstances. Also today limited flights to Italy, Germany, France and Spain. Russian companies will be able to fly in a few cities of these countries — and only from a terminal F andairport Sheremetyevo.