The coronavirus has caused the whole world to go into quarantine

the Number of people infected with coronavirus, the world has close to 600 thousand people. Lead – the United States. There patients has more than 105 thousand. China is only in third place. Countries around the world are taking emergency measures to combat the spread of coronavirus.

That night the lights of the Eiffel tower was lit solely for the citizens of France. The call on the monument attractions one to “Stay home”. The only way to contain the spread of coronavirus. France, apparently, is on the scenario of Italy.

“At the end of the first ten days of quarantine, it became clear that we are at the beginning of the epidemic wave. The past few days covering the East of the country. She arrives in Paris and suburbs, and in Northern regions. That’s why in agreement with the President of the Republic, I am announcing the extension of the quarantine for another two weeks, until Wednesday April 15. This period may be extended if you require the sanitary situation,” said Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.

similar measures have decided to go to Berlin — the quarantine was extended until at least Easter. The farmers have to calculate the losses. Due to the closure of the borders for cheap labour from Bulgaria and Poland can not count.

Extends the quarantine and Belgium. While only mid-April, but the government did say that the restrictive measures will be in effect until may. To motivate the citizens to stay at home will including fines.

“Those who do not comply with the rules, will be punished. I want to state very clearly that they will be subject to sanctions. We will introduce the system of instant fines. We are no longer in the phase of prevention. Compliance with these rules is of fundamental importance,” — said the Prime Minister of Belgium Sophie Wilmes.

toughen measures to combat coronavirus announced Ankara. Turkey stops flights on long-distance trips within the country it is now necessary to obtainnie permission from governors. Parks closed. The staff in both the private and the public sector are transferred to remote work. The Cabinet is no exception.

“the Epidemic has not taken us by surprise. We have no problems with the food and drug administration, as well as with tests, gloves, masks. We ourselves produce. There are those who are trying to sell goods on the black market, we fight it. There are places in the intensive care unit. We continue to lead the state through conference calls, every Monday in this mode will hold a meeting of the Cabinet,” said President Erdogan.

meanwhile, in the US, which are the number of cases of coronavirus has outstripped even China, think seriously about how to deal with the sending apparatus for artificial lung ventilation. Previously to their production even joined those companies that medicine have no relationship, in particular over a thousand medical ventilators to hospitals in California raised the concern Elon musk. According to the President, the States can afford from a part of the apparatus to get rid of.

“And I think, frankly, that there is a big chance that we won’t need so many ventilators. But you know what? There are many other people who will need them. We have countries around the world who are our friends and we will help them. We are able to do what other countries can’t. We can do more than a hundred thousand of the ventilator pretty quickly. So what we can do, and if we don’t need them, we can help Italy and the UK,” said Donald trump.

challenges in the acquisition of the ventilator already faced Serbia. As stated by President of Belarus Alexander survived on the world market of medical equipment now is a real robbery — suppliers break the already signed contracts, returned advances and sell the ventilator simply those who offer more money.