British chef Jeff Baker (Jeff Baker), in the past cooked for Queen Elizabeth II, revealed the secret of making perfect grilled sausages. Writes about this site KentLive.

According to Baker, the sausages need to take out of the fridge 20 minutes before cooking. If not, there is a risk that they will be unevenly cooked through and their skins may burst.

the Cook advises to use a non-stick pan. There should be added a teaspoon of duck or goose fat, spread it over its surface, and then remove the excess. Then in a pan you can put the sausages, making sure they do not touch each other.

to Fry on low or medium heat, turning regularly, until they acquire a Golden hue. Baker emphasizes that it is impossible to serve the sausages immediately. After cooking they should be allowed to cool for a few minutes.

In 2018, British chef Gordon Ramsay said on YouTube, how to cook the perfect Burger. He believes that the main thing — the right choice of meat and sequence Assembly.