The official convoy of Prince William (36) and Duchess Kate (37), caused in London on Monday, an accident. An 83-year-old woman was hurt, as the “Daily Mail” reported. For the collision, it came as the Royal Couple from London to Windsor, where William and Kate at Windsor castle to the order of the garter ceremony with the Queen (93) participated – apparently the police were involved in a motorcycle the driver of the convoy in the accident.

The victim it should be according to “Daily Mail” the grandmother Irene Mayor. Still was unclear whether she fell or was hit. “A woman was lying on the floor and was in the care of the paramedics, a police motorcycle was on the side of the road,” explains a neighbor.

“, she says a lot of injuries,”

A spokesman for Prince William and Duchess Kate, the Couple was “deeply concerned and saddened” and with the family of the victim came into contact: “their Royal Highnesses have sent their best wishes to Irene and your family and remain during her convalescence in contact.”

The Royals should have sent to the families of flowers and want to visit the injured woman as soon as she was ready. Her daughter, who lives with the injured woman, says: “she has a lot of injuries. It is at the Moment stable.” The police confirmed that the victim was in poor but stable condition. The accident was being investigated.

William and Kate have not seen the accident, and the convoy is, the Protocol according to further dangers. You can be as soon as possible had been informed and had immediately placed with the family of the woman. (kad)