the Conversation took place under the open sky in the Park and distancing. The young guys who took part in the conversation, won the party primaries and will run in the September elections of different levels. Dmitry Medvedev noted that the electoral campaign takes place in 2020 special conditions, but the “United Russia” need to win. He called gently to approach the campaign in social networks due to problems of verification. According to him, a huge number of people today use social networks, but “the most difficult question is how to verify the correctness of the information that comes through social networks”.

Medvedev gave an example: “on your behalf, someone opens another account and talking such nonsense that reflects poorly on you and on the party. You deny, but, as you know, the laws of the genre your rebuttal reads five percent, and the remaining will be sure that the candidate from “United Russia” so-and-so and so forth,” he explained. Therefore, the Chairman of the party called to consider the contemporary electoral trends carefully, so as not to unbalance the electoral system.

the Young politicians were interested in a wide range of topics. So, one of the participants asked whether the “United Russia” to include in its election program the topic of international relations, migrant workers. “It’s a huge labour resource,” said Medvedev. According to him, labor conditions for foreign migrants may not be better than for the Russians. “It’s a thin line that can be the subject of political discussions and could potentially enter into our program as a set of principles that will guide us,” – said Medvedev. “The task of any state and the task of our party is to provide jobs for the citizens of the country”, – he stressed.

during the conversation, Medvedev was also asked to comment on the clash in Russia between natives of Armenia and Azerbaijan because of the worsening of the conflict around Nagorno-Karabakh. The party Chairman noted that the topic of conflict is very long and heavy, but this should not lead to conflicts within Russia. He called for responsibility existing in Russia of the Armenian and Azerbaijani Diaspora.

“When he (the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. – Approx. “RG”) is transformed from a foreign problem into an internal problem, the Diaspora also should feel their responsibility. Otherwise, those who violate Russian laws, no matter what their nationality, should bear strict liability according to Russian law,” – said Medvedev. In addition, he said if violators of the Russian laws – foreign citizens, they must be expelled from the country.

Asked Medvedev about the situation in Khabarovsk. In response, he stated that the residents of the region have PRAVO on the expression of their civil position, but this must conform to the law, and sanitary-epidemiological rules. “We should think about everyone who wants their civil position to Express, because with great respect to varying positions and in defense of someone, and against someone, but if the result of a mass congestion of people increases the incidence of (a coronavirus. – Approx. “RG”), then it is reflected at all” – said Medvedev.

Some of the participants came to the meeting with proposals and projects. One of them, a doctor by profession, spoke about the idea of creation in Russia of a unified database of bone marrow donors. “I think that the creation of such a Bank of donors and recipients would be absolutely correct, because the Bank will allow to shorten the path between the receipt of the biological material and solution to this very difficult task”, – Medvedev has responded. Another participant suggested to create in Russia a movement of volunteers-ecologists. “We need not just to create a movement, a powerful movement because it is the task of a political party” – called Medvedev and noted that the usual topics of ecology deals with the opposition, but United Russia also needs to focus on this, because these problems are now interested in a large number of people.

He added that the party program is necessary to make a point about responsible treatment of animals. Following the discussion, the Chairman of the EP advised young politicians often practice live communication with people. “Videoconferencing is good, do not need officials to drag, you can contact the Governor, who is on the other part of the country, but live chat is live communication,” – said he.