At the entrance of the station Rostov-chief of all measure the temperature is a matter of seconds. But if it is elevated you can’t go further. At the box office is empty. Most of the passengers prefer a remote form of payment. The steripod for the treatment of hands. Everywhere reminders on compliance with social distance in half-meter. Station staff, policemen and the passengers had masks on. Numerous shops are closed.

And now, after going through all the cordons, I was on the train. I was lucky – in the compartment I found myself alone. So I took off the mask on the way to the Tambov region, where I had a layover with a three-hour wait.

the Michurinsk I was greeted by good weather. In full gear, wearing a mask and gloves, I stepped out of the train. And to my surprise he allegedly got into dekorativnoe time.

– my God hot! – immediately came from the outdoor tents, which lined a small queue.

– Ice cream! Buy ice cream! – shouted next.

– Apples are sweet Michurinskiy! Pear honey!

in this case, the sellers are no masks, not to mention gloves.

At the entrance to the station Michurinsk-Ural police officers also without masks. Someone went straight at the city.

– Girl, where are you going? – I jumped to a young taxi driver. And knowing that I just need to wait a couple of hours, offered coffee, putting on a small pavilion.

Then announced my train. This time I had a ticket in economy class. The car was filled more than half. Someone in disguise, someone without. Next to me was traveling with two shift workers of the railroad. In the marginalia – a young man who spent the entire journey reading the book. Despite the relatively large number of passengers in the car were quiet. People are trying to communicate with each other less. Coffee and tea are asked to bring frequently use their own cups.

And here is the second 12 hours of the way behind. In the morning the wagon was the head of the train to measure passengers ‘ temperature. If someone slept, was measured by device, like a gun.

– If someone is promoted, we report the physicians. According to the rules established by CPS to such passengers at the next station will arrive “soon” and they will be removed from the train.

how often does this happen? – I asked.

– Not often, but sometimes…

And Balakovo is a city of nuclear energy. For the construction of the Balakovo NPP at the time and went my relatives from the don, Yes there and remained. The town is small – about a hundred thousand inhabitants. But meet there, arriving as if each see a potential patient.

– Go to the coronavirus tent. Break it up! sent me employee of the station to a huge tent Ministry. Close to the big trailer. There, epidemiologists, similar to astronauts, dressed in protivoradikulitnye costumes.

In the tent at each notification�� arrived measure the temperature. Write down passport data, phone number, address. And a stark reminder of isolation for 14 days upon arrival.

with regard to the population in Balakovo, the threat of coronavirus there really perceive. But the masks on the streets are not all.

Farewell and funeral passed in a narrow circle. As told by the employees of the funeral service today it is. The funeral was a maximum of ten people. All wearing masks.

Two weeks of isolation I, alas, did not survive. The next day after the funeral returned home. Temperature serving no one, Meryl. On the train we were traveling with three of us in one compartment.

…at Home in Rostov flows of arriving and departing passengers separated. Employees of the transport police record passport data and number of trains. If suddenly among the passengers reveal the patient COVID-19, all contact will find.

I’m fine, but measure the temperature daily. Still, any trip today risk.