The content of the discussions with the Flemish guideline Alas, in the last week, that changed. Let us know Sibille Declercq, director of the former Children’s Jongerentelefoon, on Tuesday. The content is weight gain, ” she said.

The Flemish guidelines, released earlier this month, campagnespot for children and young people, to encourage them to discuss their problems, to talk with, Alas. The campagnespot went during the week on various radio and tv stations of the VRT), and on social media sites.

Precise figures for the number of calls we have heard. “But we have to tell the difference in the content of the conversation,” says He. The interviews proved to be more.

if you are Alas in the meantime, the capability is extended so that it is possible for you to be able to respond to any additional requests for help. In the first place, the additional manpower is being deployed on the very popular chat. In addition, it is done by phone or e-mail for young people, more accessible than this one. Also, extending the opening hours are drastically off. Several of the guides were from the Flemish government for additional funds for the operation at this critical period, to strengthen and expand the capacity of the time.