not only are they cute, but taste good, too: young kids. Belongs to Easter, the Gitzi-Roast to gourmet menu – a Tradition, at the parting of the ways. Not only animal rights activists protest, even some meat-eaters appetite at the thought of a little kids at the tender age of two to three months on the bench.

So too is the TV-Minister Nathalie Dürmüller (39): “Like the veal I would have been a bad feeling, an animal that is slaughtered young to eat. To me, that’s nothing to do with Easter.”

goat’s milk is popular, goat’s meat only on Easter

in fact, Gitzi in Switzerland rarely on the table, and only 70 grams were eaten in the past year, according to the Swiss meat Association per capita. For comparison: In sheep, it is 1.23 pounds, in total are eaten 51 pounds of meat per capita and year.

At Migros, has diminished the demand for Gitzi in the last few years, except in the Canton of Ticino. Also Coop, the specialty is seasonal for Easter, but throughout the year ordered. Increasingly popular are goat’s milk products, the milk is less lactose and fat is better tolerated, and also the cheese is in the Trend.

the fate of a farm animal

What consumers often forget: the mother’s milk flows, must goats be born. “The goats give 300 days per year of milk, then it comes back to birth”, says Andreas Eggenberger (54), President of the goat breeding Association in St. Gallen. He holds eight to ten native animals, an average of 10 to 16 Young in spring to the world. He can use four female animals for breeding, the rest of the, mostly male, more little goats are slaughtered. “Of course, you are welcome. But we should not humanize them and can’t keep all of them. This is, ultimately, the fate of a farm animal,” says Eggenberger, the kids in Grabs SG in the village-butcher’s shop, slaughter.

Conscious consumption of meat

a Gitzi on the table During the Eggenbergers on Easter Sunday, the reformed pastor Dürmüller from Zurich-Wipkingen by a court of her husband’s surprise. “Because I believe in the divine service, I have no time to cook time-consuming.” And a Tradition you have in this regard. The importance of a more conscious consumption of meat is: “I only buy meat I can be sure that the animals have had a life worth living.” And longer than that of the kids.

Who enjoys to Easter a Gitzi, does the with a better Conscience with meat from the Region. The transport distances are shorter, and the animal is probably in Switzerland.