The statements of the authorities of Belarus about the collusion of the detained citizens of the Russian Federation with opposition politicians Sergei Tikhanovski and Nikolai Statkevich are far-fetched and ineffective position, said the Consul of the Russian Embassy in Minsk Kirill Pletnev.

In particular, I would like to note that [the resolution] is indicated on the deliberate actions of a group of persons on preliminary arrangement and together with Tikhanovski Statkevich, which in our opinion is totally false and invalid position, — said the diplomat TV channel “Russia 24”.

Alexander Agafonov, head of the investigation team investigating the case of the detainees in Belarus, the Russian soldiers PMC Wagner, spoke about the interrogation of citizens of the Russian Federation. According to him, the testimony of the Russians did not coincide with their alibis.

About the detention of 33 militants of foreign PMCs wrote the Belarusian media. Then came the information that they are in the night of July 25, 2020, settled in one of the hotels of Minsk, a few days later, moved to a sanatorium in Minsk district. They noted that these people have attracted the attention of strange behavior — they never drank alcohol and did not visit places of entertainment.

In law enforcement bodies of Belarus said that the detainees are citizens of the Russian Federation of PMCs Wagner. In the Republic they supposedly came to destabilize the situation during the presidential elections. Meanwhile, the Investigative Committee of the Republic said that the soldiers of the Russian PMC Wagner was detained in the investigation of the case of blogger Sergei Tikhanovski, whose wife Svetlana participates in the election of the President of the country. In relation Tikhanovski and opposition politician Mikalai Statkevich filed a case about the preparations for mass riots. Members of the Russian military campaign was detained in the investigation of this case.

Earlier, as he wrote the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Belarus Ivan Noskiewicz allowed the Russian Consul to visit soldiers PMC Wagner, who were detained near Minsk.