the site 1: points!

no longer drove runs in five world championship-Raikkonen (40) in the Top Ten. Kimi: “let’s just Forget the last race. We know how important the last four races. And we all give 100 percent!” In 2018, both picked Clean to 2280 meters altitude points: 7. Leclerc, 9. Ericsson. And Kimi stand as the third in a Ferrari on the podium. Question: Can Alfa-Clean the 8. World Cup place (seven points before Haas-Ferrari) in the aim of drag?

site 2: Transfers!

internally, will continue to be hotly debated: Should Giovinazzi (25), and its headquarters keep, despite only 4 points? A lot of Fans are against a further commitment in the often nervous Italian. High and low alternate, always. If Ferrari wants to, remains Giovinazzi and otherwise? The only Alternative: Nico Hulkenberg, now Renault.

site 3: rumor!

What would be formula 1 without speculation? Hardly possible, because most of the drivers are kept by the Teams as in the Kindergarten. Now, the Italo-website NotiziaOra Says Alfa 2021, the formula 1 addio?

It was the fourth-farewell to the 1951, 1965 and 1985 would be. The title sponsor feels comfortable in the Zurich Oberland at home. But the F-1-gates would not be closed in Hinwil for sure.